City Center Traders to stage token protests against ‘traffic police highhandedness’

Srinagar: The traders of the City Center areas around the iconic Lal chowk & Residency Road have decided to go on token 2-hour strike on Tuesday against what they termed highhandedness of traffic police.

The traders bodies of the area including Hari singh high street, Lal chowk, Regal Chowk, Lambert lane, Residency road & bund business man association and Polo view called an emergency meeting of the members wherein it was resolved that the SSP Traffic has been resorting to dictatorial policies only to defend his ‘failure in traffic regulation’.

“At a time when the traffic flow to City Center has been minimal given the traffic diversions, he is trying things which don’t function at the end. Sometime back he said the 28 new parking lots would be designated for parking on the main roads in the City where the SMC subsequently rejected the proposal,” the traders said.

They said having failed the SSP was making shopkeepers scapegoats by putting up posters which have been “crudely written.”

“We have been shown as habitual offenders. This is not done. We will raise our voice in highest quarters,” the traders said.

The traders said strike would be observed from 12:00 to 2:00 PM on Wednesday.

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