Kabuli to APD: Salahuddin and others were forced to take to gun

Srinagar: National Democratic Front Chairman Abdul Rashid Kabuli Monday said that during his meeting with All Party Delegation he made it clear to them people of Kashmir have suffered a lot since 1947 in the hands of state Govt’s supported by New Delhi.

In a statement to CNS, Kabuli said that he informed the Delegation that Pakistan had no role in militancy.

Speaking from his experience as former MP and in-Charge NC Election campaign in 1987 he was witness to the rigging of elections by NC. Hizb Chief Syed Salahu-Din who had contested and won the election but was deprived of success had been along with others beaten humiliated. A large number of MUF activists were forced to cross LOC and seek armed training there. Kashmiri boys thousands in number got involved in the struggle . Elections were rigged since 1947 which always resulted in rage and resentment. Delhi made Chief Ministers and parties were thrusted upon people, deprived them of their freedom and basic Human Rights.

Kabuli said in 2010, 2011 Omar Abdullah regime killed ruthlessly above 127 innocent school going boys. Promises of enquiry in killings have not since seen the light of day.

Present turmoil was offshoot of public grievances. As a result of showering of bullets thousands have fallen pray maimed , many victims have lost their eyesight which has tarnished the image of India all over the world . Kabuli said Pakistan was a natural party to K- dispute a big chunk ( PAK) was presently under its possession India’s contention that Pakistan is not a party to dispute .It was Indian PM Nehru who was party to UNO resolutions . Late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri went to Tashkent after 1965 war agreed on a Accord on Kashmir with Pakistan . Late Indra Gandhi arrived at an Accord on Kashmir with Late Pak PM Benazir Butto at Shimla in 1971. On the top of it former PM Vajpayee went to Lahore in bus to sign Lahore Accord aimed at to resolve K – issue. Kashmiris were never involved in all such agreements. He asserted India has even today contacts with Pakistan on back track channels on Kashmir.

PM Modi says ” Vikas and Vishwas” should be key word to discuss K-Issue with Kashmiris. If Prime Minister is sincere he should work for Vishwas (Trust) restore all constitutional rights under 370 and Delhi agreement to J&K State. (CNS)