Coaching centers operating without registration in Srinagar

Srinagar: While state administration of Jammu and Kashmir orders the registration of the coaching centres across valley, the institutions have once again started hoaxing students by starting their tuition centres without any official permission.

Most of the coaching centres in the city of Srinagar are functioning illegally taking students and parents for a ride as tuition centres start functioning from today in Kashmir. While the valley, particularity Srinagar city is witnessing a mushrooming growth of private tuition centres, the department has only registered So far only 150 coaching centres while as the rest have gone unnoticed by the department.

Officials sources said more than 217 coaching centres had submitted their undertakings with the department for the registration of their private tuition institutes. “Permission was granted on the basis of proper inspections conducted by a team of officials as per the direction of High Court,” sources said.

Interestingly the issue of coaching centres was highlighted after the JK High Court on February 3 in 2015 directed Divisional Commissioner Kashmir to close all coaching centres in valley given their failure to file an undertaking within three days in compliance to its directions issued on December 30 in 2013. (PTK)

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