Srinagar: At a time when people are losing their loved ones in frequent road accidents, a Kashmiri youth has come forward and started an online road safety campaign to create awareness among masses about road safety measures.

Javed Parsa, a young entrepreneur, who lost his friend in a tragic road accident last week, has launched an online road safety campaign #BasitMemorialRoadSafetyCampaign and is getting massive response from the internet users across the world.

In an interview with JandK Headlines, Parsa talks about #BasitMemorialRoadSafetyCampaign.BasitMemorialRoadSafetyCampaignJKH: Why you started this campaign?
JP: We started this campaign in loving memory of our dear friend Basit Maqbool who died in a road accident on Nov 27th. I don’t want more Basit’s to die on roads, so this campaign. The main aim is to create awareness and make people realise the importance of safety measures like seat-belt, helmets, avoid speedy driving etc.

Support from outside Kashmir

JKH: Do you think this campaign will have some impact on people?
JP: Yes, it will have its own impact. We have already 500 citizens participating in this campaign and they have taken pledge to spread the word and make more people to join. Our aim is to make road system free of accidents and deaths.BasitMemorialRoadSafetyCampaign

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JKH: How is the response?
JP: We have received a great response, not only within Kashmir, but outside as well. People from different places outside are appreciating our effort and taking part in it.BasitMemorialRoadSafetyCampaignBasitMemorialRoadSafetyCampaign

JKH: What is your message to drivers/riders?
JP: Our message to drivers / riders is to wear seat belt, helmet, avoid over speeding, avoid high beam during the night time, follow lane driving etc.BasitMemorialRoadSafetyCampaign