Thursday, June 8, 2023

Brought up in Yateem trust, Tral youth writes over 200 poems to promote Sufi literature, Kashmiri language

Tral: A youth from southern Kashmir inspired by renowned Sufi poets have written so far over 200 poems mainly in Kashmiri to promote Sufi literature besides the Kashmiri language.

Zahid Manzoor Bhat, a resident of Gutroo village in Aripal Tehsil of Tral, said that listening to Sufi saints since his childhood inspired him to pen down over 200 poems.

“Sufi poets like Rajab Hamid, Rasool Mir, Shamas Fakeer, Rahim Sopore inspired me since my childhood. And by listening and reading their writings, I have written over 200 poems. Most of my poems are Naat and Hamud,” Bhat said while talking with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

Bhat wants to turn his poetry collection into a book but financial issues are becoming an obstacle for him to fulfil his dream.

“My father died when I was just 3 years old and I was brought up in a Yateem trust and after completing my Bachelors this year, I started to work as a private school teacher where I am getting Rs 3000 salary per month to take care of my family which comprises of the mother, grandmother and the younger brother,” he said. “I want to publish my book but I am hardly fulfilling the needs of the family, how can I publish my book.”

Bhat said besides promoting Sufism, the main motive behind writing the poems in Kashmiri is to promote the mother tongue.

“In my poems, I have touched social issues as well. We are losing our culture which is our identity and are only propagating western culture,” he said.

“Our valley is full of talent, but the financial issues and lack of platform are becoming an obstacle for thousands of youth to get their dreams fulfilled,” he said. “Youth must come forward with whatever talent they have and work for the welfare of our society”—(KNO)

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