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Malik Sumeed: Kashmir’s maiden journalist who preferred Bollywood beat

Srinagar: The journalism in trouble torn Kashmir has a lion’s share in political development stories particularly from the last three decades. However, new comers in fraternity are of different taste and styles who develop new ideas and flavors, among them is the 28-yrs-old Malik Sumeed from Aloosa Village of Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir who preferred Bollywood beat for reporting.

Malik Sumeed reported for buzz world for eight years during which he conducted interviews of many celebrities including Om Puri, Arijit Singh, Brijinder Kala, Anupham Shyam , Javid Sidique and several other Bollywood celebrities.

Malik Sumeed with Om Puri
Malik Sumeed with Om Puri

Talking about his journey into the field of entertainment Journalism, Sumeed said that he travelled to Mumbai without any contacts within the industry but his passion towards the profession drove him forward and created his own links.

“I remember as a child I used to talk to stuff dolls and pretend that I’m speaking with a star from Bollywood. From those days only, I aimed to be a journalist and interview the stars of Bollywood,” he said.

“When I landed in Mumbai for the first time, I was nervous and I had no idea where to start but I held my head high and grabbed every opportunity to be face to face with stars and people who are known to them,” he said.

Malik Sumeed with Johny Lever
Malik Sumeed with Johny Lever

“In every profession, the beginning is the toughest but you’ve to drive yourself through until you reach the dream stage,” Sumeed said, adding that the day I started to interview the prominent stars of Bollywood, I realised my dream is coming to life.

About the fact that he is the only Bollywood journalist in Kashmir, Sumeed said, ” people from Kashmir usually ask me how can we be an entertainment journalist, and the simple way is Just work hard to get the contact and they definitely will respond.”

About the current stage of life, Sumeed said, “Even though I’m more into mainstream journalism now but still I love to report the Bollywood beat.”

Sumeed further advised the young to be brave while chasing the dream of their life. “I want the people to know, especially the young that are brave to chase your dream and step out each day with an aim to turn your dreams into reality. Of Course it is going to be difficult in the initial stages but once you put your foot into it, soon you’ll start running and breaking records like Bolt.”(KNB)

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