Survival of the fittest | Phamb version 2.0

What is important for any startup is its survival, sustainability, going ahead over years and bringing the best into the world. The ever changing times, technologies and innovations have always been the reason why some budding startups survive and why some can’t even reach the break even. The animosity towards innovation and creativity has always been in the minds of people who wish to exist in the unstable environment of Kashmir. Due to higher risks, most of the people hailing from the state adhere to “settle down” approach rather than provoking their creative self. Easily backing down from a fresh idea just because the success rate of doing an already existing business is high. Well! That is too much of generalization. To be specific, innovation and creativity is the only key to succeed in the world where every minute a new idea, invention, or modification is click way. Phamb, a fashion brand started its journey back in 2015, with the idea to revolutionize the world of Pashmina, to let the world witness the magnificence of fine pashmina threads woven into beautiful artefacts. The purpose was to have a win-win situation for all those associated to the Pashmina industry, and revive art of pashmina into the local and global markets.

Phamb on its way to this date witnessed number of disruptions. The economic vulnerability, made it difficult for artisans to survive the disruptions. Eventually when an unstable market phase subsided, it left the mark on the businesses, big or small, nothing was “not hit”. But for survival, modification is the rule to go by. Over the years, Phamb, expanded to international markets via their online presence, and rekindled the way for artisans to keep their operations going on.

Five years later, the pandemic took over the majority of freedom form all aspects of life and halted every human activity. The only ray of hope: Innovation and Invention. Phamb, during this pandemic took a leap into the world of IOS and Android by introducing the mobile applications, making it easier for people around the world to be the part of a fairytale, Pashmina. This technological upgradation is the most pivotal move made by Phamb during this pandemic. Now, without any physical contact and following the distancing protocols, the products can be purchased and delivered at the door step all across the world. Selling luxurious authentic pashmina products all across the world, meeting the needs of each nation that Phamb has stepped into after its global presence. Keeping the authenticity at par, Phamb also introduced the first Pashmina testing lab, where pashmina is tested before it is sold to customers. To increase the credibility, the goods sold at Phamb are tested using high projectile microscopic techniques.

Keeping in view the market standards of E-Commerce, Phamb established memberships for its customers. To revive and rebuild the empire of pure pashmina shawl weaving and keep the most luxurious form of art alive, Phamb introduced membership club that can be availed by registering on the website portal. Phamb offers membership to all its customers who are interested in getting benefits other than the normal specified benefits.

To stop isn’t something that Phamb envisioned. Expansion and growth is something that it has always focused on and will continue to do the same for the years to come. Phamb, introduced Pastau under its label. Pastau is also a fashion label that caters the needs of local market with the help of local workers and create art in the form of apparels and accessories. In this ever changing world, to create and innovate is the ultimate optimal solution. Phamb and Patau together plan to conquer the world of fashion, one step at a time and become the face of fashion for Kashmir.