Saturday, September 23, 2023

‘22-48’ Service norms, a move to suppress JK Employees: JKCSF

Srinagar: Jammu & Kashmir Civil Society Forum has rejected any moves of suppression on the employees of JandK. JKCSF has expressed anxious concern over the government’s move asking the Deputy Commissioners of Kashmir districts the details of the employees who have attained 48 years of age or have completed 22 years of service within five days, Vide letter by Private Secretary to Divisional Commissioner, Fayaz A. Khan under number DivCom/PS/Misc/2020/3126, dated 12-02-2021 directed the DCs to submit the details of the employees who have attained 48 years of age or have completed 22 years of service or more (as on ending December 2021).

In a statement to “Kashmir News Service” (KNS) reads JKCSF Chairman, Abdul Qayoom Wani referring to the format that according to the government criterion should qualify an employee not to fall in the forced retirement or to be called as ‘dead wood’, called the format as the ‘nightmare’ on the rights of the employees who had have served the public for 22 years or upto the age of 48 years despite all ills and odds of his personal life.

Wani said that JKCSF was not satisfied with the clearance of the govt that this development was not new but already in the service rules of J and K. “The service rules have been already governing the work culture and performance of an employee and in case of any faults there are scheduled and prescribed disciplinary actions ranging from least show-cause notices to the harshest termination from the service. There was no scope for incorporating any such rules that discourage and undermine the four and a half lakh employees of J and K collectively” Wani said.

“Employees were not robots but human beings with aspirations and emotions, and to err is human is a universal phenomenon. The way govt, has devised the performance measuring format of employees, in strict sense, only mindless objects can pass the test not the employees who are human beings and have rights” Wani added

Wani said the format that format been devised for the performance of an employee and that JKCSF analyzed is contents and found it a movement to weaken the constitutional provisions of employees for fighting for their rights in the form of Trade Unions or in other democratic shapes and also an onslaught on the self-esteem of an employee who is an individual of his society.

JKCSF urged the Govt to roll back the order and let the employees breathe in a fear-free atmosphere under the supervision of already governing service rules in Vogue.JKCSF chairman Ab Qayoom wani assured five lakh employees of j and k and their entire leadership for full support against any move of govt to suppress employes voice which we have nourished by our sweat and blood during our trade union tenure. (KNS)

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