Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Accepting Random Friend Requests, Video Calls on FB or Whatsapp from Strangers Can Land you in Trouble: Cyber Police Kashmir

Srinagar: Cyber Police Kashmir on Wednesday spread awareness via twitter regarding some miscreants blackmailing the people on social media by extorting the money after threatening the victims to make their pictures and videos viral online.

The Cyber Police Kashmir tweeted following some incidents of sextortion in Kashmir that social media users should be aware about the accepting of random friend requests or chatting with unknown whatsapp users.

The police tweeted the poster which read, “Accepting random friend requests, video calls on facebook or whatsapp from strangers can land you in trouble. Blackmailers have devised a modus operandi to befriend people online and later get their photos/videos through video call and morph these photos/videos on pornographic photos or videos then blackmail the victim and demand huge amounts of money.”

“These blackmailers lure people by attractive photos in theri facebook and whatsapp profile. They engage the victim in a video call, during the call the victim is shown a pornographic clip and video is recorded or screenshots are taken simultaneously to blackmail the victim subsequently,” it added. (KNB)

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