Anti-Islamic posters spark protest in Achabal

Srinagar: Whole population of Achabal area in South Kashmir’s Islamabad district came on roads on Saturday morning after they observed anti-social elements had pasted insulting posters related to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Eyewitnesses told CNS that a massive procession was taken out from Hertoora to Achabal after people found anti-Islamic posters had been pasted on electric poles and walls in the area. “We fail to understand who have pasted these insulting anti-Islamic posters. We are not going to tolerate such insulting anti-Islamic posters and we demand strict action against these elements who have dared to insult our Prophet (PBUH),” said a resident of Hertoora Achabal to CNS.

According to eyewitnesses, people were aghast when they found dozens of anti-Islamic posters pasted on the walls and electric polls in the area. “Hundreds of people took to roads in Hertoora and marched towards Achabal demanding strict action towards anti-social elements and those responsible for pasting posters against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” an eyewitness said adding that the protestors were violent and at many places they attacked the police parties deployed on the road. |

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Reports said that a massive procession was organized by the people from Hertoora to Achabal while police assured them that these anti-social elements and hate-mongers will be identified and arrested without any delay. (CNS)