Army preparing ‘fake’ footages at borders as evidences for surgical strikes, claims MLA Rasheed

Srinagar: Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Wednesday accused army and other state agencies of preparing “fake” footages at borders “so as to put forward them as evidences for surgical strikes”. He also asked army not to fall into the trap of BJP which he said is using army to secure its political goals.

In a statement issued to GNS, Rasheed said, “The very credible sources confirm that Indian army is engaged in filming videos in Nowgam and Leepa sectors adjacent to borders showing as if army is carrying out covert operations in enemy’s territory so that the same can be provided as evidences to satisfy Indian masses and world community.”

He said the issue of surgical strikes “needs to be understood in the light of Times of India story published in June this year which revealed that BJP will declare Rajnath Singh as its candidate for UP CM but before doing so he (Singh) may claim to have carried out some big military operation in Kashmir in order to gain sympathy among UP voters”.

“Any professional army needs not to fall in the trap of political establishment and Indian army should not do any misadventure or indulge in any fake propaganda just to help BJP for its political goals and also escalate tension at the borders,” he said.

The MLA Langate termed it “unfortunate” that “army and police have been staging managed dramas in the past from Pathribal to Machil” and that the claims of surgical strikes and of apprehending a Pakistani militant Bahadur Ali “are the recent additions to these staged dramas”.

“Any credible investigating agency or journalist can visit the Yehama village in Kupwara district where from Bahadur Ali was apprehended and find out how sensational and dramatic that operation was. The culprit has been seen rooming free on a bike for three to four days before being apprehended and it is interesting that he was arrested by just two policemen who had travelled a distance of 3Kms from the nearest police station for the job and brought him in a private vehicle to nearest police station at Qalamabad. Had he been a dreaded militant, it would have been impossible to arrest him with the help of just two policemen. Ironically, next day, army and task force went and photographed the area and informed locals that they had captured a Pakistani militant. Six days later, national media started claiming about Bahadur Ali’s arrest, plans and connections,” he claimed.

Rasheed added, “At a first, Indian politicians praised army over surgical strikes and now they are raising questions about the same. It is obvious that they are more interested in getting political mileage over each other rather caring about the real story. The intelligence agencies, on other hand, want to divert attention from the mass uprising in Kashmir but they need to realise that even if Kashmiris call off strike, things will not change unless the dispute is not resolved. However, they must restrain from fighting the battle of throne for New Delhi on the streets of Kashmir.”

The legislator said the claims and counterclaims being made by Indian politicians are enough proof to conclude that something serious has went wrong in all the claims vis-à-vis the surgical strikes. “May one ask the India army that if Pakistani facilitated the world media to the sites where India claimed to have carried out surgical strikes why can’t India come out with concrete evidences to support its claim,” Rasheed questioned. (GNS)

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