Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Asking Rashid Shora to prove his baseless charges, Er Rashid to file a defamation suit against him

Langate: In a telephonic message recorded from Tihar Jail after seeking permission from jail authorities Er Rashid told his family, “I came to know about a shameful statement of Mr Shora through newspapers in the jail. He must not drag me in his family affairs and create confusion amongst masses to settle his own family disputes. If he proves or gives any substantial evidence that I had ever any single, direct or indirect financial transaction with his daughter Shehla Rashid I will quit politics forever. Why should I have asked her to join JKPM, if I myself was not a member of that particular political party”.

Meanwhile the party top brass firmly stood behind their Supremo and expressed deep disgust for such elements who can use anybody’s name to provide weight to their case. Party Spokesperson lamented, outrightly condemned and rejected the derogatory, malified allegations levelled on AIP Supremo by ex JKPM leader’s father. Even his own daughter has satisfiably refuted the baseless wild allegations but that alone doesn’t absolve Mr Shora, he must either prove his allegations or face legal action. Party top brass also lambasted those who were questioning how Er Rashid could issue a message for people from Tihar Jail.

Party leader and Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai asked such people to go through the jail manual in which after seeking prior permission phone calls with family are arranged and are not in any form a special privilege for anyone. He expressed deep disgust over the vile pettiness of political opponents how they want to deny Er Rashid even a phone call with family while their own leaders who have always connived with New Delhi in sucking the blood of innocent Kashmiris are roaming free.

AIP Working General Secretary Parvez Shah on behalf of the party firmly reiterated demand of an apology from Mr Shora. As conveyed by the family of Er Rashid, he asked that Mr Shora must either apologize or prove his allegations or be prepared to face legal defamatory action in the court of law. He further added that a legal notice will be served to Mr Shora through his lawyer within four days if Shora fails to respond positively(KNS).

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