Azad spoke for poor, BJP shows its elitist face by questioning his nationality: Nizami

Srinagar: Congress today slammed the BJP for questioning the nationality of party veteran Ghulam Nabi Azad. Senior Congress leader, Organisation & Media Secretary from J&K Salman Nizami said Azad raised a very pertinent point of deaths caused by demonetisation, for which the Centre’s lack of foresight is to blame.

Explaining the Centre’s absolute indifference to the poor, he wondered how come a party that sheds so much tear on Uri martyrs create a situation where people are dying.

“Azad only wanted to make the point that all blood are equal. And the party in power cannot ignore the death and sufferings of those who are underprivileged. Those questioning Azad now clearly do not value the lives of the poor. The Centre with its absolute myopic vision on demonetisation has made life pathetic for people without internet banking facilities, while ensuring that the interests of their industrialist friends are taken care of well in advance, Nizami said.

“Ghulam Nabi Azad as CM of J&K ensured peace in Kashmir. There have been 26 bids on his life by terrorists, but he always stood for the nation. BJP’s hate politics in Kashmir resulted in shut down, killings and J&K economy collapsed, he added.

Nizami further said, Azad is the one who as JK CM ensured Indian flags furl on the rooftop of every household. Under BJP govt, Pakistani flags are seen in the streets. Dy CM and BJP leader Nirmal Singh says killing Burhan Wani was an accident. He has demonized our security agencies with such pathetic statement. Who is anti national then? Nizami said since the BJP govt has been taking credit for killing terrorists in surgical strike, by the same logic, they should take the blame for killing 53 civilians with demonetisation drive that has proven to be a suicidal step for rural people.

He further said BJP leaders have no right to question Azad’s nationality. Holding the government accountable for causing 55 civilian deaths due to demonetisation is 100% nationalism. The fact is “Suit boot wali BJP” is so removed from rural India that they didn’t see rural people will die due to demonetisation. Is Modi the PM of only his industrialist friends and rich people, Nizami asked.

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