Dalgate residents hold protest against sale of liquor on Boulevard

Srinagar: Scores of Dalgate residents today staged a protest demonstration against sale of liquor on Boulevard Road and demanded closure of the booze outlet.

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According to news agency GNS, scores of residents from Ghat Number 5 of Dal took out a peaceful protest against the presence of liquor shop in Hotel Heemal. The protesters who were carrying placards demanded that the liquor outlet should be closed permanently and asked government to impose a blanket ban on booze in Muslims majority Jammu and Kashmir.

“If governments in Bihar and other states can ban liquor why can’t our government do same in Jammu and Kashmir? We are a Muslim majority state and besides that the liquor is also disliked by other religions because it leads to immorality. The liquor shop at Heemal Hotel should be shut permanently,” a protester told GNS. While p