In Delhi, Mehbooba says Pakistan fuels Kashmir protests

Wahid Bhat
Srinagar: Soon after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi at New Delhi, J&K Chief Minister today blaming Pakistan for fuelling protests in Kashmir.

Addressing media-persons in Delhi, the J&K CM said the people of Jammu and Kashmir want to live with dignity. She said those who incite youths to attack camps aren’t interests in talks.

“They want bloodshed. But those who want to talk and even toe a different ideological line need to be taken on board. We need to talk to them,” she said.

She said the youth who are on the roads would call me Baji. “These youth who are on roads call me Baji. I had no security when I was traveling to mountainous regions. These youth were my security. They were part and parcel of my rallies. Their mothers would come to me whenever forces (STF) would arrest their sons. These youths have hopes from me. They might be angry with me. But we need to work out and restore peace,” she said.

She asked the youth to give her one chance. “You may be angry with me, I may be angry with you, but please give me one chance,” she said.

Mehbooba said Pakistan should also understand the world situation. “Even former Pakistan President General Parvez Musharraf had stated that UN resolutions aren’t workable now. What works now are the wishes and aspirations of the people,” she said.

Stating that India is a great country and a vast democracy, she said Modi ji wants there should be no bloodshed in Kashmir. “Kashmiris want to live with dignity with India. They won’t find such dignity in any other part of the globe,” said the J&K CM.

She also called for talks between interlocutors and all stakeholders to resolve the Kashmir situation. Mehbooba also urged Separatists to come forward and help in saving lives of innocent youth in the state. (PTK)