Desecration of Masajd by forces is equivalent to attack on Islam: JeI

Srinagar: Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) Sunday said that the chain of worst kind of state-sponsored oppression and tyranny upon the hapless Kashmiris has taken an ugly turn as the Indian forces are now desecrating the most sacred places of Muslim i.e Masajid.

In a statement issued to KNS, Advocated Zahid Ali Spokesperson, JeI said that in the past few days, it has come to fore that during the nocturnal raids, these forces do enter the Masajid with unclean shoes and ransack the goods lying therein and break windows and doors also.

He said that in Marwel Pulwama, Sharshali Pampore, Aluchi-Bagh Srinagar, Bandipora, Pohu Pulwama and other some villages, these sacred houses have been deliberately dishonored just to hurt the sentiments of billions of Muslims living across the world.

Masajid are the sacred centers where from a human being is taught to safeguard the human dignity and honor and practically provided the lesson of human equality and brotherhood. No human being is even allowed to enter any Masjid unclean or raise any hue and cry therein and so there is no question of anybody entering there with the intention to cause any damage or desecrate it.

Spokesperson said that those who dishonor Masajid meant for the worship of Allah alone, are in reality the enemies of Muslim ummah and the religion of Islam. Such elements are infact the enemies of human dignity itself. It is very sorrowful that some force personnel by name Muslim, too indulge in this desecrating heinous act.

JeI appeals all Islamic parties and Muslim bodies to raise an effective voice against the desecration of these Islamic centers.

JeI also expresses deep anguish over the inhumane act of forces targeting an 8 year old innocent boy Junaid by pellets at Nawab-Bazar.

A delegation of JeI led by its spokesperson visited the bereaved family of recently martyred young scholar Shabir Ahmad Mangoo of Sharshali Khrew and expressed solidarity with them. Some days before the 50 RR personnel of a nearby camp crossed all limits of humanity in Sharshali Khrew when during a nocturnal raid, they subjected a number of youth to wild torture causing fatal injuries to a number of them out of which Shabir Ahmad Mangoo lost his precious life. These forces also ransacked the property of the residents and desecrated a Masjid too. (KNS)