Digital India shares poem promoting killing of Kashmiris by army

New Delhi: The official Twitter handle of Digital India, the NDA government’s flagship initiative for a digitally empowered country, on Thursday retweeted a poem encouraging the killing of Kashmiris by the Army.

The tweet included a screenshot of the poem with the caption “height of patriotism”.

“The bullets have just started, don’t say later you didn’t get a warning, you will have to say Vande Mataram every morning,” read one of the passages of the poem.

Another read “Thrash them all you want, army; break their bones; If Mehbooba calls the police; Modi will handle it.”

The poem asked the Army not to stop firing on people till they come to the city square and sing national anthem.

It read: “Issued in public interest; all who love their lives; should quietly come to the city square; sing the national anthem; and not throw any tantrums here.”

Apologising for the blunder done by the Digital India, the Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has reportedly said that the tweet does not represent the views of the IT ministry, Digital India or GOI. He also said the tweet has been deleted and person who posted it has been suspended.

“The contents of the tweet don’t represent the views of the IT ministry, Digital India or the government of India. I regret the tweet,” Prasad said.

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