Sunday, June 4, 2023

Drass episode frighteningly undemocratic, reminiscent of dictatorial rule: Salman Sagar & other YNC leaders 

Srinagar: Youth National Conference Provincial President Salman Ali Sagar on Tuesday termed denying Omar Abdullah an entry into Dak Bunglow Drass as frighteningly undemocratic, despotic and unjustified measure.

Such underhand means, said Salman in a statement, are aimed at suppressing dissent and they only smacks of the dictatorial rule -the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir has been plunged into.

He added that by trying to create hurdles in Omar Abdullah’s political activities, the administration in Ladakh was merely hiding its incompetence and shrugging of accountability for its mandated work.

Salman said that a cabal of officers acting as the modern day viceroys is not only heaping insults, humiliation, and atrocities on the people but they are also misleading and exploiting the so-called nationalist sentiments in rest of the country.

Salman said that the government by such tactics is only exposing its system of mis-governance and how the anarchic measures are ruling the roost in the erstwhile state.

According to the statement, senior YNC Kashmir leaders and provincial members Er Abid majeed Wani (Social Media Analyst JKNC), Mohammad Irfan Zahgeer, Adv Peerzada Musharraf, Adv Salman Matoo, Zahid Mugal, Adv Tanvir bhat Hanan Hasaan Qazi, Mir Mushtaq, Peerzada Feroz, Sameer Iqbal Bhat and others have condemned the Ladakh administration’s such action.

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