Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Govt. terminates services of Forest Guard

Jammu: The government on Friday terminated the services of Kewal Krishan Sharma, Forest Guard, presently under suspension for furnishing fake qualification certificates.

An order in this regard issued by Forest, Ecology and Environment department reads, “The case of Kewal Krishan Sharma, Forest Guard, presently under suspension was forwarded by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (HoFF), J&K, wherein, the matter regarding fake and fraudulent qualification certificate furnished by the official has been reported, including other acts of omissions and commissions”.

The order continues, “Whereas, in the matter of securing appointment by the official, Sh. Kewal Krishan Sharma, Forest Guard, on the basis of fake qualification certificate, the Law Department has advised that any appointment based on a fake certificate, which forms the basic eligibility, is non-est in the eyes of law and no right flows from anything that is a nullity or a non-est right from the very inception; and whereas, the grave acts of omission and commission, having overtones of criminal intent have been established by the investigating agencies and are being dealt with by the competent authorities and the aspect that the appointment has been obtained by Kewal Krishan Sharma, Forest Guard’ through fraudulent means, needs to be dealt with in accordance with the principles laid down by the  Supreme court in various judgments”.

The order further reads that based on the facts of the case, the department has decided that the official is fit for termination from service.

“Now, in light of the entire background of the case and the very fact that the official has secured appointment on the basis of fake and fraudulent certificate – thus lacking the basic eligibility to hold a civil post, and consequently, he is not entitled to any safeguards given to a civil servant,under Article 311 of the Constitution of India or those provided under Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Classification Control and Appeal) Rules, 1956.

Therefore, the services of Kewal Krishan Sharma, Forest Guard are hereby terminated ab-initio”, the order concludes.(GNS)

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