Hepatitis C breaks out in South Kashmir hamlet

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Shopian: Hepatitis C outbreak has been reported in Wehal hamlet of South Kashmir’s Shopian district while Drug Controller Department has cancelled the licenses of three medical shops for re-using disposable syringes.

Sources informed CNS that the disease is spreading at an alarming rate while a District Drug Controller Official said that they have begun an inspection of the local medical shops and dispensaries and most of the people blamed that medicos use a single disposable syringes on various patients, resulting in the outbreak of the epidemic.

According to report all but sixty people in the small hamlet have been suffering from Hepatitis C. “A lot of it has to do with the unsanitary dispensary equipment being used and most of these people share their shaving razors etc,” said Drug Inspector Pirzada Muhammad Tasaduq. He said that the district administration was working to curb the outbreak but the number of patients was increasing rapidly.

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He said that they have already cancelled the licenses of three drug stores. “During our inspection to different medical shops, we found disposable syringes present in the bins of these drug stores,” he said and identified these medical shops as Gousia Medical Store, Shahnawaz Pharmacy and Eitimaad Medical Store.

The locals alleged that the health department seems to be ignorant of what is happening. “Many of the people don’t have access to clean drinking water and others are probably visiting local Medical shops who are using unsterilised equipment,” said a local. (CNS)