‘Hizb’ posters appear in Kangan

Sameer Showkin Lone
Srinagar: The threat posters under the name of militant outfit Hizbul Mujahedeen today appeared in Kangan area of Ganderbal warning people to keep away from “Western Culture”.

In the poster, the Hizb has said that at a time when their youths (militants) are sacrificing their lives for the freedom of Jammu and Kashmir, there are some people who are indulging immoral activities and are praticing immoral and un-Islamic activities like drugs and corruption which is very common.

It also reads that girls and women living their lifestyle what they watch in TV serials should be stopped forthwith.

The Hizb warned such people to mend their ways and stop living such life and also warned the youths and others not to roam around during the late evenings. The posters in Urdu have been found pasted on walls at several places in Kangan area of Ganderbal district.

The poster also warned young boys and girls to stay away from music.

The Hizb poster said that they have names of some people and if they don’t stop such practices, else they will face dire consequences. (PTK)

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