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IF condemns comments by Sikh leaders, demand apology

Mohammad Aamir Islamic Fratenity
Mohammad Aamir Islamic Fratenity

Srinagar: Islamic Fraternity has strongly condemned the comments made by a Sikh body during a presser in Srinagar against Kashmiri journalists asking them to apologize.

In a press statement, President Islamic Fraternity (IF), Muhammad Aamir said that the comments against journalists by some Sikh leaders has deeply hurt the sentiments of Muslims and had no basis to pass such irresponsible and provocative comments.

He said that this issue was all and only above love and marriage but people like these were communalising for their interests and to divide the Kashmiri society.

“This issue should be purely seen from the angle of a love affair and nothing else. Those communalising and politicizing it are enemies of Kashmir and want Kashmir to burn so that their interests are met,” Aamir said.

Asking these leaders to apologize, Aamir said that these leaders should respect the freedom of speech and expression and shouldn’t offend if any of the member from their community excessives right to have religion of their choice.

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