“Kashmir Off Road” brings off-road adventure and motorsport to the valley

You are an adrenaline junkie. You love adventure. You seek to push your boundaries and revive your zest for life. Then get behind the wheels, it’s your turn to drive! Dedicated to “everything off-road and motorsport”, Kashmir Off Road is first of its kind motorsport adventure outfit based right here in Srinagar, J&K.

About Kashmir Off Road – “We are Kashmir’s first and only passion driven, off-road adventure and motorsport outfit based in the region. Our aim is to build a local motorsport community. We envision honing the local talent for national rally events.” – says, Ali Sajid, founder/owner, Kashmir Off Road.

About the founder – Ali Sajid is a first generation entrepreneur, with a passion for custom built off-road vehicles. Having lived abroad for more than past 25 years, he has recently shifted base to the valley. “I always wanted to get back to my roots. Starting an off-road adventure outfit in my motherland and sharing my passion with people is like living my dream. I am glad to have found so many passionate motorheads, those who really wanted something like this to happen in Kashmir. Perhaps this way I would be able to contribute to my society, my people.”- added Ali Sajid

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Earlier this year, Kashmir Off Road in collaboration with J&K Tourism organized, India’s first of its kind snow autocross, FROZEN RUSH, which took place at Gulmarg. The highly successful event won many laurels and garnered huge interest amongst the local motorsport fans and experts alike.

Kashmir Off Road has also associated with J&K Tourism to promote unknown off-road destinations in a bid to promote off-road adventure tourism in Kashmir.

Since its inception in 2016, Kashmir Off Road has built a huge community of off-road and motorsport enthusiasts. The outfit has recently started a club, which boasts of like-minded individuals and motor heads as a part of their adventure clan.

“We organize off-road drive events on a weekly basis, preferably on the weekends. Our club members assemble and then we all drive down to a pre-planned destination, which are usually challenging off-road trails. Doing this, each member gets to challenge their own driving skill and at the same time test the peak performance of their vehicles.”-added Ali Sajid

Majority of the members of the club possess modified 4×4 cars with suspension, engine upgrades, mud terrain tyres and many other enhancements. Hence, improving the performance of vehicles on challenging terrain of this region.

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“Its anadrenaline pumping experience when your car is pitted against an 80 degree slope when the only option is to go forward. The sense of satisfaction is exhilarating when such obstacles are overcome. Going on such off-road trails also throws open beautiful views of the Kashmir alpine valley and we get to experience some truly breathtaking views.”-says Faheem Altaf, one of the first club members of Kashmir off road, who is a businessman by profession.

Further, Kashmir Off Road has a full year planned with motorsport events for the region. “Keeping in mind our people’s interests, we are already on-board with our annual event calendar. A lot many activities are scheduled and planned. All shall be announced as and when.”

Our upcoming event Mudzilla is a first of its kind 4×4 autocross challenge to take place in the valley on the 22nd and 23rd April where participants shall be competing on a specially created mud and slush obstacle race track. The event is supported by J&K Tourism and is expected to see upto 50 participating 4×4 vehicles.