Kashmir policeman accuses government forces of ‘vandalism’

Srinagar: The Government Forces who created a havoc in Hugam village of South Kashmir’s Kulgam district on Wednesday afternoon also targeted the house and orchard of a policeman, leaving him furious who told news agency CNS that men in uniform have been not only instructed to harass common people in Kashmir but also damage their property to make them economically weak and unsound.

The cop who is working in Jammu Kashmir Police Department and has also served for Special Operation Group for a brief period said that directions to vandalize and maim people have been coming from the state government itself and that is why as a reprisal, nocturnal raids are being carried out to scare the population.

The cop said that the locals from Beowoora village had arranged a pro-freedom rally in the village; however forces vandalized the venue resulting in clashes which spread to his village, Hugam.

“What my family members and the villagers witnessed was the hell. The men in uniform didn’t even spare women and children and beat them to pulp as they were terrorists. I am aghast to see the condition of my house and orchards. The Khaki men damaged the apple orchards of all but seven fruit growers including Abdul Rehman Bhat, Ghulam Muhammad Nengroo, Ghulam Ahmed Khandey, Muhamamd Amin Bhat, Muhammad Iqbal, Farooq Ahmed Bhat and Muhammad Jabbar Nengroo,” he said.

The mother of the policeman said that the armed men including CRPF and SOG personnel broke our doors and windows, damaged electric appliances and other items.

She said that they set fire the dry grass that was present in the two rooms of the store. “They created havoc in the area and damaged all the parked vehicles,” she said adding her frightened daughter who recently delivered a baby was hit by a stone, thrown by these men in uniform. (CNS)

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