Kashmir Traders to boycott All Party Delegation

‘Symbolic visits, half-hearted measures won’t solve any purpose’

Srinagar: The Kashmir Inc has unanimously resolved not to meet the All Party Delegation scheduled to visit the Valley this weekend pleading that such’ half-hearted measures’ won’t solve any purpose, as this dialogue seems to be conducted without seizing the hostilities and pressure tactics.

Kashmir Inc being apolitical would talk to the “APD” if they talk to the Hurriyat (represented by three leaders), a handout issued by KTMF said.

“The heads of Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kashmir Economic Alliance, Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation, the Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir and All Kashmir Fruit Growers Association at an emergency meeting unanimously resolved that meeting the visiting delegations would be nothing beyond a “foolish exercise aimed at photo session, which will only end up adding salts to the wounds of Kashmir’s worst-ever humanitarian crises,” the statement read.

“Let the mockery of symbolic Kashmir visits over our tragedy end, and seriousness begin for an effort for sustainable solution to Kashmir dispute. Even Prime Ministerof INDIA Narender Modi and his opposition leader of Rajya Sabha recently sought a permanent solution, which can’t come through cosmetic patchwork where all party comes in with rigidity. Tangible measures need to be taken by even taking Pakistan on board as per the agenda of alliance”, Kashmir Inc said.

“In the past also the all party delegations visited Kashmir at least thrice. Apart from 90s the delegation visited Kashmir in 2008 and 2010 uprising .. But what transpired was nothing beyond site-seeing of bloodshed,” the Kashmir Inc said in a joint statement.

The business fraternity said it has become a ritual for the New Delhi to send a team to Kashmir whereas every such time human rights abuse scaled new heights.

“This time Kashmir is facing worst ever humanitarian crises, at least 73 have been killed, hundreds blinded , over 10,000 wounded and equally big number of people jailed. From jailing of students to EJAC leaders to Muslim leaders in Chenab Valley, the PDP-BJP alliance has been setting new records shameless rights abuse where no one from ruling MLAs to Chief Minister ever even bothered to condemn the atrocities. Instead the CM recently accused 10 year old kids of having been killed for attacking Army camps and not being out to buy toffee,” the Kashmir Inc said.

But the visit of the all party delegation to the Valley in the absence of proper groundwork and New Delhi’s unwillingness to talk to Hurriyat who happen to be bonafide representatives of people of Kashmir has festered the crises, they said.

“The government is preparing a log book which is as if to be shown to the world community on steps taken on Kashmir issue whereas in reality nothing beyond symbolic efforts has been done… It is supposed to be third visit of the Union Home Minister, but again with a half hearted attitude and unwillingness to realise the complexity of the issue flexibility needed,” the Kashmir Inc said.

Stating that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, the business community they were not drawing any pleasure out of uprising or seeing the business having come to a grinding halt since July 8. “We are the worst suffers, losing everything from lives to livelihood but the problem is that the New Delhi vis a vis its remote controlled JK Govt is unwilling to feel the pain of Kashmir,” the business community said.

The Kashmir Inc asked the visiting delegates like Asadud Owaisi and Sitaram Yehchury & Sharad Yadaw who had been part of the previous delegation to ask to their conscience if it was genuine to visit Kashmir for a symbolic effort of once again befooling the victimised people of the Valley who continue to be besieged for around two months.

“The government has itself admitted of longest curfew of 50 long days whereas one of their MPs has termed the regime more atrocious than the Nazi rule… Does the government want our children to go to schools or blind schools, because every day the draconian pellet gun claims eyesight of our children or leaves their body organ maimed with lead pellets which will ultimately lead to lead poisoning to say the least?,” the Kashmir Inc said.

Those who attended the meet include KEA Chairman Muhammad Yasin Khan, KCCI President Mushtaq Wani, FCIK President Muhammad Ashraf Mir, KTMF, AKFGA, KHARA, KHAROF, Tourism Alliance, Houseboat Association, All Districts Trade Association Including Beopar Mandals, All Kashmir Transport Welfare Association, J&K Contractors Coordination Committee, All Industrial Estate Association, Task, Urban Travel Agents Association, All District Industrial Associations.