Kashmir youth touches new heights in music field

Srinagar: The young generation of Jammu and Kashmir is hell bent on touching new heights and making a mark for themselves in today’s highly competitive world.

They have gradually emerged victorious in almost every field.

Mohammad Muneem Nazeer has made it big in the music industry. He is now a member of the music band ‘Alif’ based in Mumbai.

“I had come to Pune in 2000 to pursue engineering. My sister was already studying here and then I completed my Engineering and MBA. However, I started feeling that I was more inclined towards creative activities. I knew I could write in Urdu and Kashmiri. I joined music classes to hone my skills,” he said.

Mohammad Muneem, who is very passionate about music, started composing songs right from his school days.

mohammad muneem
Mohammad Muneem

His parents initially had some reservations regarding a career in music, but they were convinced when his work got rave reviews in Kashmir.

“Every parents’ want their children to excel in their lives. Initially, there were some issues, but now they are very supportive. The people in Kashmir like my work and the most important part is that I feel happy to be a native of Kashmir. Whatever I am today is because of Kashmir and this is my biggest support,” Muneem said.

Mohammad Muneem, a professor at Symbiosis in Pune, teaches ‘Sarir-e-Khamma’, an Urdu song writing course, apart from taking workshops in different universities.

Muneem, who co-founded Muziclub – a music training academy in Pune – which has offices in London and Pune with over 400 students, has many youth-centric songs to his credit. He is currently working on the song ‘Like a Sufi’.

“We have around 100 to 150 songs. And by the time the interview is released, our Sufi song will be released. The second song, which we are working on, is Jhelemus which will be released only after Eid. Both songs have been shot in Kashmir. We have done a number of Kashmiri songs like ‘Roshe’, ‘Katochh ko’, ‘Cheerith, ‘Saahibo,” he added.

Inspiring stories such as that of Mohammad Muneem Nazeer will go a long way in boosting the morale of the state and inspire many more youngsters in the Kashmir Valley.

Athar-Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan from Jammu and Kashmir made headlines for securing the second position in the prestigious Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. (ANI)

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