Kashmiris are fed up of calendars, strikes and chalos: BJP’s Khalid

Srinagar: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday said that people of Kashmir want “Azadi” from so-called Kashmiri Taliban, who have taken Kashmir and Kashmiris hostage for the past three months.

In a statement here the BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “The so-called well wishers of Kashmiris have turned Kashmir into graveyard. They turned youth into cannon fodder. First they pushed them towards graveyards and now they are shedding crocodile tears over their graves.”

He said, “All the schools, shops, financial institutions have been closed for the past three months. People are the verge of starvation. It’s unfortunate that dream merchants who are into business of selling dreams have turned Kashmir into Syria.”

Jehangir said that separatists should see the writing on the wall as people are defying their protest calendar and have resumed their daily chores. “It’s unfortunate that miscreants burnt the autos of two poor auto drivers who had come out of their homes to strive for their livelihood,” he said. “On the name of so-called Azadi separatists have pushed Kashmir into quagmire of uncertainty which has destroyed the social fabric of the society.”

Referring to the protest staged by the transporters in Srinagar Jehangir said, “Transporters have faced immense problems during the past three months as their source of income has been hit, besides they owe money to banks,” he added.

The BJP spokesman said that people of Kashmir are fed up of calendars, strikes and chalo calls. “The day is not far when people would come out on the streets against the separatists and teach them a lesson,” he said.

The BJP spokesman said, “People have realized that separatists are only interested in violence and killings and they have assigned a task from across the border to ruin Kashmir and its economy.”

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