Khalsa Aid Rebuts Reports Of Honouring JKPM leader Javid Mustafa

Srinagar: Khalsa Aid an international NGO pro rebutted the reports that it has honoured the award to JKPM patron Javid Mustafa Mir for his honesty, devotional service and humanitarian nature.

The Khalsa Aid issued a statement stating that on the auspicious occasion of Vaisakhi, Khalsa Aid volunteers use to give a token of love to our good wishers across India.

On 14th of April on the eve of Vaisakhi our volunteers gifted the same souvenir to Javed Mustafa Mir along with some other prominent people of Jammu & Kashmir, this gift was a pledge to support Humanity.

Khalsa Aid statement added that they never supported any political party or any kind of activity related to politics and neither did we give this kind of award mentioned in your article.

They further added information mentioned in some news articles is totally misleading and it has no authenticity, neither there was any press release by the organization.

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Later, Javeed Mustafa Mir issued a statement saying, ‘this is to clarify here that the news item published by some agencies on Facebook regarding the honor by Khalsa Aid to Javaid Mustafa mir is clarified as technical error regarding honesty award as it was a token of love for humanitarian nature.(KNB)