Malik reaches Tral at dawn, visits Burhan’s family

Srinagar: To avoid police barricades and arrest, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) said that the party chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday started his journey towards Tral during night hours and reached Tral before Fajr prayers.

In a statement issued to KNS, the spokesman said that Malik straight away went to the residence of ‘great martyr’ Burhan Wani at Shahreefabad Tral and met with his family including his father, mother and sisters.

He said that Malik stayed at the house of martyr Burhan for about two hours and intended to visit the local martyr’s graveyard but police, SOG and CRPF cordoned the whole area especially the route leading towards martyr’s graveyard.

JKLF chairman with the help of locals managed to give police and forces a slip and reached Khankah I Faizpanah Tral after travelling many a miles on foot through orchards.

JKLF spokesman said that as he reached Khankah, people in good numbers started pouring in at the Khankah and after Zuhar prayers led by Yasin Malik these people brushing aside all the barriers reached the main Chowk of Tral where a grand public Jalsa was held, which was addressed by Malik.

Spokesman said that in his address JKLF chairman said that he had come to Tral to visit the families of recent martyrs especially martyr Burhan Wani and pay reverence to them but police, SOG and other forces tried to arrest him while he was at the residence of martyr Burhan and even cordoned off the martyr’s graveyard.

Spokesman quoting Malik as saying that ‘so-called’ biggest democracy has left no space for peaceful political activities and even expressing condolences has been banned here, this is why they had to reach Tral before the sunrise.

Appealing people to follow the programs given by the joint resistance leadership in letter and spirit, Malik said that “unity and steadfastness are keys to success and as a living nation we all will have to safeguard our unity at every cost.”

He said that the show of unity from leadership to common people during last 135 days has been our biggest achievement and today India and its Kashmiri stooges are conspiring to break this unity at any cost.

“Therefore it is our national and religious duty to safeguard this success, defeat all conspiracies and remain steadfast and passionate about the sacred struggle,” he said.

While hailing the valor and sacrifices of the people of Jammu Kashmir, Malik said that “our struggle is based on truth and principles and India and the international community should accept this reality and show some courage and magnanimity to resolve this human issue so that the dreams of real and lasting peace, prosperity, progress and stability are fulfilled.”

JKLF chairman said that “instead of respecting the peaceful transition of the people of Jammu Kashmir, India and its Kashmiri stooges chose military and police might to crush our peaceful struggle.”

He said that this illegal and inappropriate use of force and suppression is pushing our youth to the wall and forcing our new generation to pick up arms.

While hailing the passion and valor of the people of Tral, Malik said that the sacrifices of the people of Tral are a shining page of our resistance history and we salute them for their courage and sacrifices.

Meanwhile, spokesman said that after Jalsa and the rally that was held despite all fear and intimidations from SOG, police, army etc people in large numbers raising slogans in favor of freedom, martyrs and unity along with JKLF chairman marched to martyrs graveyard where Fathehkhwani was held for the great martyrs.

“Women in large numbers also gathered outside the martyr’s graveyard and greeted JKLF chairman with emotional slogans in favor of freedom and martyrs,” he said. (KNS)

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