Was it Mufti’s vision to blind Kashmiris? Nizami asks Mehbooba

Srinagar: Congress today reminded Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of her statement in which she had said “She will step down if chair becomes impediment in father’s vision for Kashmir”.

Congress leader Salman Nizami questioned Mehbooba Mufti “Was it Mufti sahib’s vision to blind Kashmiris?” Mehbooba keeps beating the drum of his father’s vision & today we can see the vision was to blind Kashmiris. Around 500 people have been partially or fully blinded by the pellets, 70 killed more than 3000 injured.

Nizami said despite concerns of various organisations from the Valley and outside, the govt has been unable to stop the rampant use of pellet guns, and the hospitals continue to receive patients with pellet injuries from different parts of Kashmir.

In 2010 Mehbooba was shielding crocodile tears over the killings and was asking for army to leave Kashmir & blamed them for killing kashmiris, but today she justifies the present killings by saying were those killed had gone to buy milk, or toffee from Army camps which is outrageous. Mehbooba’s remarks only reveal her ignorance and lack of common sense. Ever since she achieved power, she has been uttering whatever non-sense she could, and is living in a fool’s paradise that people of Jammu Kashmir cannot differentiate between truth and falsehood, Nizami added.

He said that previous record of last 50 days about the intent of both central Government as well as the state govt stands testimony to the fact that the only reason for using disproportionate force, brutal killings, caging the people by way of continuing curfew was to suppress the political discontent and administrative failures by way of force.

He said life has become impossible in whole Kashmir, where people are raising their voice for justice and against Killings. And, the government, instead of taking any action on it, is punishing the entire people by uninterrupted curfew and restrictions. He said the essential commodities are running out in many areas and access to medical facilities is impossible. Nizami said Mehbooba is appeasing RSS and BJP leaders by giving provocative statements.