People of India, its armed forces are our brothers: Geelani

‘Even if you exhaust your whole ammunition, we won’t budge’

Srinagar: Indian people along-with its armed forces are our brothers as per our faith, said chairman Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani before being arrested while leaving for Badami Bagh Cantonment to deliver a letter asking them to vacate from Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement to JandK Headlines, he said that this is not something new but they have been demanding this for the last 70 years.

“In 2009 we started the campaign of demilitarization “Fuji Inkhilah” and in 2010 we intensified this campaign by a common and famous slogan “Go India Go Back” and Masarat Aalam is still languishing in jail for actively participating and galvanizing this campaign. Today also very politely and humbly we request these armed forces that you failed to win our hearts for the last 70 long years and you will never be able to do so in future as well,” said Geelani.

He further said their basic right, right to self-determination has been promised by none other than the first Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru not only in Indian Parliament in 1952, but in Kashmir’s historic Lal Chowk in front of lakhs of people.

“Nehru at that time said that this is a commitment not only with Kashmiris but to the whole world that we will allow the people of Jammu and Kashmir to decide their future on their own as we don’t believe in forced marriages,” said Geelani.

He said they want to convey this clear message to the armed forces that you will be tired of killing and maiming Kashmiris, you will exhaust all your ammunition to curb them but you will never ever succeed in containing us.

He further said that this is ironical that you have made our whole population a testing lab for your armed arsenal and despite the clear writing on wall you continue to remain in a denial mode.