Pinjoora Chalo: It was a clash of egos between police, people

‘Youths defy police restrictions, hold massive pro-Aazadi rally’

Srinagar: Around 30,000 people have marched towards Pinjoora Village in Shopian district to hold a pro-freedom rally that was called by the local youth and the local leadership of resistance camp.

While police had imposed severe restrictions to thwart the rally and even a top police official had reportedly said “he would remove his uniform, if he fails to stop the rally”, the youths in reply had said they would have teeka (Tilak) on their forehead if they don’t make this Pincjoora successful. “Aes karou touk (tilak) teli, agar ni assi aazadi rally ker,” the youths had said.

Despite police vandalized the state at the Pinjoora venue, the people have assembled around 30,000 in number. Till late reports, the rally was going on amid pro-freedom slogans and Jihadi taranas playing in the background. (PTK)

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