PM Modi can speak for cows but not for Kashmiris. Er Rasheed

Srinagar: AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has asked world community to take notice of Indian PM Narender Modi’s sermons on ‘cow-disciples’ and ‘cow-saviours’ but not speaking a word on butchering Kashmiris at the hands of security forces and converting Kashmir into a jail by imposing uninterrupted curfew now for a month.

In a statement issued To Press Trust Of Kashmir today Er Rasheed said, “Indian PM, media and right wing hindu forces are suffering from cow mania. It seems that for political gains Indian state, media, politicians and intellectuals can discuss cow protection and other related issues for years together but don’t bother to take notice if people of J&K are denied their fundamental human and political rights.

Caring about cows and other animals is not bad but one has a right to know that in a country where human life has no values, hundreds of young Kashmiri children have been left blind by use of pellet guns and whole region has been kept under strict curfew, it makes no sense if the PM of that country gives his views one way or the other over cow brigades. While Kashmir is facing the worst state oppression, Indian media and politicians are engaged in discussing good and bad things about cows and their impact on Indian politics. It is a shameful act and Modi’s silence over Kashmir is ample proof to conclude that for Indian state and its apparatus, cows not Kashmiris are the priority.”

Er Rashid appealed world community to use its good offices and influence to force India to treat Kashmiris at least like cows and other animals, if not like humans. (PTK)

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