Poster Letter asks Pro-Indian Legislators to resign

Srinagar: In view of the joint resistance program the Resistance Camp warned all the mainstream pro-Indian legislators to resign from government and party positions.

In a Poster statement issued from Hurriyat (G) the Joint Resistance Camp has accused India State of ‘unleashing its war machine to kill, maim and disfigure and intently to terrorize and suppress the entire population into complete submission.

while taking a deep dig at mainstream legislators the statement accused them of shamelessly covering up the crimes of, what they say ‘Indian occupation.’

Accusing mainstream legislators of, “misleading the gullible public from the popular freedom movement by presenting Bijli-Pani-Sadak mantra the Resistance Camp held them responsible to obfuscate the world opinion alongside the nasty jingoistic Indian media.” (KNS)

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