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Private schools association appeals union Government to restore 4G in J&K


Srinagar: The Executive body of Private Schools Association on Thursday met in Srinagar vin which various issues were discussed.

Private schools Association President G N Var in a statement issued to PTK said that online classes have become order of the day and no regular classes are being conducted and there is need to see alternative methods so that effect on students can be minimised.

But problem here is there is no 4G in Kashmir which is taking toll of future of our students and despite knocking the doors of every authority, our budding students continue to face problems due to 2G, he said

Education is online everywhere now and how long our students will have to face this discrimination as whole world is enjoying 4G and we have been kept confined to 2G, he added

There will be campaign again from our organization for the restoration of 4G, he said

With each passing day, we are getting new plateforms of online mode and there is need that schools must remain updated, he said, adding that one side show case notice are being to private Institutes to create problems for private schools.

There is need to take all stakeholders on board before allowing starting of coaching centres besides that can schools be allowed to carry same process in a limited manner, he said

Government must help poor patients at the moment so that poor parents can submit fee of their kins, which can also help private school students, he said,

He said that if coaching centres can function in Kashmir why not schools during winter, he added

There is need to provide freedom to private schools in legal framework so that we compensate the losses that happened in last two years, he said

He also advised that those who are running school while violating government orders must close their schools as we can’t compromise with the health of our students. (PTK)

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