SMC to sterilise 100 stray dogs a day from now on

Srinagar: Admitting that the infrastructure Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) had to control dog population in Srinagar, wasinadequate, Commissioner SMC, Bashir Ahmad Khan said soon corporation would be able to sterilise 100 stray dogs a day.

Talking to KNS, Khan said that the infrastructure that SMC had to control the dog population in Srinagar was meagre. “We had the MOU with the SKUAST. The division of the SMC that looks after the issue submitted the proposal, stating that a minimum cost of one and a half crore rupees is needed so that 80 kanals of land could be established for keeping the dogs there and away from the Srinagar city. The issue has now been resolved and within a very short period we would be able to sterilize atleast 100 dogs in a day,” Khan said.

While commenting over the reasons behind the surge in the number of stray dogs in Srinagar, SMC commissioner saidthat due to the presence of non veg garbage, in abundance, on road sides, the canines get high protein food.” Also in Srinagar there are one lac poultry birds slaughtered every day. The wastes are consumes by the stray dogs… consuming energy rich food is a major reason for the increase in the number of the stray dogs.”

However, Khan was quick to add that now measures are being taken to address such crises. “We have given poultry owners the bins where they store the wastes and we pick that up every evening. Same is with the hotel owners- now all the hotel owners have been covered within such initiative.” (KNS)

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