Swine flu: CCA to close down all coaching centres

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Srinagar: The Coaching Centres Association (CCA) of Kashmir has decided to close down all of its coaching centres in Kashmir till further orders due to the increase risk of H1N1 flu virus.

The association lambasted the government for failing to control the disease and putting entire population on risk. “According to some government officials the swine flu was prevalent in Kashmir since last September and they never told the people about it. This is sheer criminal negligence,” said G N Var chairman CCA. “They have put entire population at risk and till date they seem to have no plan to contain it.”

The association said that due to the increased risk, all coaching centres will stop functioning till further orders. “For us the health of a student is of paramount importance and we cannot risk it at any cost,” said Var. “So our coaching centres will remain closed till the situation becomes clear and after we get a green signal from our medical fraternity.”

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The association said that it is in continuous touch with Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) for the future course of action. “We are following the advice of doctors and will do everything to fight this epidemic from our side,” said Var. “Whatever advice we get from the doctors we pass it on to our staff and teachers regularly.”

The association asked the government to come clean on the status of H1N1 virus and announce a joint effort to fight it. “In outside world even a single death puts the entire administration on toes, but here we are not seeing that approach,” said Var. “Hiding things would make matters worse. Be transparent and fight it head on. Entire society will cooperate with the mission to eradicate this virus.”

There are around 550 coaching centres functioning in the valley where more than 50,000 students are studying. The association said that incase any coaching centre is found violating the orders, he will have to face music from association.

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