By terrifying, maligning my family, India can’t break my will: Geelani

NIA asks Geelani’s elder son to report at Shivpora for interrogation

Srinagar: Hurriyat (G) today said that after miserably failing to curb and contain the current mass uprising by all the military might, Indian government is frustrated to the extent that they frame and arrest the pro-freedom leaders and activists on the pre-planned psychological crackdown.

The party spokesman said that the tactics are being attempted on pro-freedom leaders to make them stop voicing the sentiments of their nation, thereby covering and shielding their atrocities and barbarism against common and unarmed people.

“But people are much aware of these gimmicks and such childish acts are in no way going to bail them out of their heinous crimes. We warn India that these inhuman, immoral and undemocratic tactics will not deter the pro-freedom people from advocating their just cause,” it said in a statement to PTK.

The Hurriyat Conference has blamed National Investigation Agency (NIA) to have been given this task just to drag these fabricated cases to Delhi, thereby pressurizing the leadership.

“But people after rendering endless sacrifices cannot be choked by these uncivilized and inhuman tactics. The fourth generation of Kashmiris is now on the roads against this tyranny demanding their right of freedom and no power on earth can stand their will and vigor for their Azadi sentiment,” said the Hurriyat led by Syed Ali Geelani.

The Hurriyat Conference (G) said after harassing and questioning Mohammad Ashraf Sehraie, Peer Saifullah, Altaf Ahmad Shah, Ayaz Akbar during their detention, it has been disclosed that Syed Ali Geelani’s elder son Dr. Naeem Geelani has been issued a notice from NIA to report to their interrogation centre in Shivpora for questioning.

Reacting to this notice, Hurriyat Conference said that Geelani and his family is being terrified and maligned in a well net conspiracy of Indian imperialist agencies and their local faces provide them an ample support and encouragement for these acts.

According to a statement, Hurriyat has once again warned them that by do so they will never be able to dent the commitment and will of Geelani as they have failed to do so in past as well.

“People have been appealed to follow the programme of joint leadership and to make them success and don’t allow anybody to sabotage this precious movement. All programs should be followed in letter and spirit and any weakness or loop policy should be taken care of as we are all are accountable not only to the people but to Almighty Allah as well,” reads the statement. (PTK)

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