Traffic Police Srinagar launches signature campaign

Traffic Police Srinagar

Srinagar: In a bid to bring awareness among drivers and riders, Traffic Police Srinagar on Saturday launched a signature campaign in the lawns of Kashmir University.

“Today on 6th January, 2021, a signature camping was launched jointly by UK (University of Kashmir) and Traffic Police City Srinagar in the lawns of Kashmir University to take a pledge that they will not drive without following and abiding the traffic rules and regulations,” a official said.

“They also pledged that they will, not drive without documents, without seat belt, they will not park their vehicles at wrong place causing obstruction to the flow of traffic, will not drive in wrong lane, will not take wrong U-turn, will not drive rash & negligently, he added.

SSP Traffic City Srinagar Javid Ahmad Koul briefed the Vice Chancellor and the audience about the magnitude of the damage caused by the accidents. 13.5 million People died globally in 2019 and in India 1,65,000 people died and in Srinagar 45 people died in year 2020. Among the participants, Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Wani ASP Traffic City Srinagar and Gh. Hassan Dy SP Traffic West City Srinagar were present and signed the pledge.

The campaign shall continue during the Road Safety Month and shall be making a visible impact on the commuters and sensitize them to follow traffic rules and regulations.

The motorists who took a pledge of safe and secure driving also involved themselves in a signature campaign to register a message of secure driving and saving precious lives. The motorists were provided with a sticker of pledge with the request to displayed on the windshield of their vehicles.