Year 2018 was more violent than 2017, reveal official figures

697 militancy related incidents were reported against 503 in 2017, 68 civilian died in year, forces causalities dropped

Srinagar: The annual report released by the State Crime Department has revealed that the year 2018 was more violent on all fronts than the 2017 as the year witnessed 697 militancy related incidents against 503 in previous year. The report, a copy of which lies, with the KNO, also disclosed that in 233 militants were killed in 2018 against 208 in 2017.

According to the report, the bomb blasts/grenade attacks also showed a surge in 2018 as 82 such incidents were reported in the year against 20 in 2017. The report also states that militants arrested in 2018 were however, lower than the year 2018 at 52 and 84 respectively.

As far the civilian causalities, the report stated that less civilian died in 2018 against 2017. “In 2018, 68 civilians died while as 116 sustained injuries. IN 2017, 78 civilians had died while 172 had sustained injuries at the encounter sites,” the report reads.

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It says that six army personnel were killed in 2018 against eight in 2017. “Fifty five policemen were killed in 2018 against 30 in 2017. Other security forces personnel who were killed in 2018 were 34 against 52 in 2017,” the report said.

The report also reveals that from the slain militants, carbines were also recovered besides other sophisticated weaponry that includes sniper rifles, INSAS, RDX sticks, Bazooka Rocket Launcher, Bombs, high end detonators etc.

A senior security official told KNO that figures were up to the mark and that there was no doubt that 2018 was more violent in terms of successful anti-militancy operations.

“The forces causality figure dropped considerably in year 2018, but yes the civilian causalities, especially those that occurred at the encounter spots, went high. That was taken care and hopefully this year, we will be having satisfactory figures at the end of the year,” he said.

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He said this year so far, 125 militants were killed and most of these operations were clean where there was no civilian causality. “The causality on part of the security forces also decreased this year. Overall situation this year is going to be very good the way things are shaping up. We are having a peaceful year 2019,” the officer told KNO.(KNO)