Stop issuing sermons from AC studios and misinterpretation of facts, Deputy Mayor

Srinagar: Deputy Mayor Srinagar, Sheikh Mohammad Imran on Sunday some media sections of media are issuing sermons from AC studios without knowing the facts.

He reiterated his appeal to Kashmiri youth for using prefix Mujahid in front of their names and it will best answer to respond to so-called Chowkidars.

Addressing the media at Clock Tower Lal Chowk, Imran said ‘Mujahid’ means one who is engaged in Jihad and a protector who strikes against evil and advocates truthfulness.

“Unfortunately some sections of media are misinterpreting meanings of Mujahid and Jihad in their own ways, he said urging them to check meaning of Mujahid, Jihad and other Islamic terms from reliable sources, not for RSS dictionaries,” Imran said.

He said the meaning of Jihad is the same as it was earlier and will not be changed until the Day of Judgment.

Imran challenged Chowkidar’s to come out of their security zones and prove if they are real Chowkidar’s. It needs courage but they (Chowkidar’s) didn’t have that, he said.

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“Every Muslim should be ‘Mujahid’ and there is no harm in using this prefix. Jihad is a spiritual fight against the enemy. It is being misinterpreted by some sections of media,” he said.

The deputy mayor in a statement said the youth of Kashmir will not tolerate misinterpretation of facts regarding their Islam.

“We are not terrorists. Mujahid in no way related to any kind of terrorism,” Imran said it is not publicity trend but they have been but a bitter truth.

“If it would be a publicity trend, I would have been begging for votes. The move will only be to respond Chowkidar’s and they should accept without making further controversies,” Imran said.

He said every Kashmiri wants peace and resolution to Kashmir issue but not at the cost of sacrifices of Kashmiri youth.

“The trend has started from Kashmir’s heart Lal Chowk and it will reach to every nook and corner of Kashmir,” Imran said.

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He urged youth of valley that they should prefix Mujahid and it will best reply to communal forces.