An Open Letter to PDP MLA Zadibal

Dear MLA Zadibal
Constituency No 19
Srinagar , Kashmir

Subject : With Reference to your 3003 winning votes, who made you an MLA.

Hope you are fine, in good mood & in good health at your Aaraam Gah (Resting Place ). After Voting Day ( Dec 14, 2014), your good self is not even visible in constituency, It seems your Airtel Number is still not on 4G, and you promised yourself to visit the constituency with that Airtel 4G Testing Girl of Airtel Adv.

I can understand, How much you care for the people who were inundated last year in Amda Kadal and Bota Kadal Area, as you had an aerial survey of your constituency in my dreams.

I can also understand your love and care for our children who study at Govt. boys High school Zadibal and are under the threat of a privately owned petrol pump constructed on Industrial land, which was recently opened in your constituency.

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Leave Everything aside, You have been a good human being and always cared for the human lives, let me give you a good news so that you may get more connected with your constituency, the MK Chowk Link Road & Alamgari Bazar Road are nowadays in such a good condition that it seems like a runway not made of macadam but of muddy water with potholes & a concrete divider .

Dear MLA ji , Smile Pljjj…. this waterway is not any threat to human lives and patients, who get a bumpy & jumpy ride during their travel on this road, instead it helps them to get there food digested even before reaching office/Destination. You know na “Appetite Enhancement Technique “.

I can understand , Your joy of referring this Awesome news to water ways ministry GoI and issuing a notice for General public who are not modifying their vehicles like thumbs up adv. bike of Salman khan but literally speaking You are really a lion of our area who cares for us more than the dream of Mufti Sb.

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I wish you visit us soon for some more good news.

With Regards
Er.Idrees ul haq
Zadibal Constituency .