Arnob and Bakshi; Jingoistic Jodi

Dr Qayum Hamid Changal

Life is routine till you tune on to Times Now,after that it comprises of jollification and unalloyed whoopee! You will acquire guaranteed entertainment if you watch and listen one hour circus especially when it is regarding Kashmir or Pakistan. And the two comedians are known to us all, arrogant Arnob and Retired Major General Bakshi. They both share many common misunderstandings, both are terminally ill minded, self important and opinionated to infinity.

Similar kind of melodrama was babbled in Mr.Arnob’s so called ‘number one news channel’ yesternight. It was an interesting topic where one sincere discussion was required. It was about about Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s passport affair that needed to be looked delicately through an eye of one old father longing to meet his seriously ill daughter abroad who is admitted in one hospital. But as Indian media is notoriously eminent in creating sensation out of anything and everything,both Goswami and Bakshi in their all famous partnership of jingoism unanimously decided not to issue passport to Mr. Geelani. Bakshi went on to exclaim that Geelani must bend down and feel sorry for his past activities,and as usual pathetic Goswami was being the ‘Yes man’ figure adding more venom to the array of destitute.

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It has always been there,be it making castles in ‘Times Now’ airs to attack Pakistan or projecting Kashmiri pro freedom leadership as “terrorists”, this ‘jugalbandi’ of Goswami and Bakshi has been reluctant to be sincere and peaceful. Bakshi being the retired military officer doesn’t see anything beyond tanks and missiles, while as Goswami being obstreperous very difficult to control keeps on chanting the slogans of war and revenge. Their chemistry is perfect,undoubtedly made for each other,and mad too. Bakshi wants to see Pakistan bombed and ruined,but unfortunately this makes him no patriot. If he doesn’t know the implications of Indo-Pak war in this era then I feel sorry for his fatuous explanations. And with Arnob Goswami agreeing to it means he should take a leave for one month and imagine what wrath the war would bring upon both the nations.

As far as pro-freedom Kashmiri is concerned,in their serpentine eyes we all are traitors and back stabbers and apostates. It is only because we follow the particular political belief that our ancestors did and which is flawless. Yet these two talking toms leave no stone unturned in hurting our sentiments. Far from truth, they fabricate statistics and history, employ the methods to deceive and defraud what is happening on the grounds, and feed the hearts of their fellow countrymen with repulsion and hatred against a common Kashmiri man. I don’t know how highly qualified and literate men like Arnob Goswami and Major General Bakshi could stoop down to the level of cheapness sabotaging truth all the time. I don’t know what exactly they want,but ‘nation wants to know’ today where and when did they sell their inner conscience? It is terrible but I think this disease is now incurable. Still with all the wariness I wish you both “Get Well Soon”.

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