Media Lies on Kashmir

Rameez Makhdoomi
If there is one place on planet earth where journalists resort to beating around the bush approach it is the reporting by so called mainstream Indian media on Kashmir pain. Be it the so called liberals or the jingoistic nationalist journalists and channels nothing realistic or concrete is being reported on Kashmir.

Journalists are what can be safely dubbed as reporting loaded with crap and baseless statements ,so called ‘Pakistani sponsored’ has been their escapist cliche from the diverting attention from the right to self determination movement of Kashmir.The reporting on current 2016 agitation in kashmir bears testimony to this veracity.

Pakistan bashing to hide the Kashmir pain has become favourite pastime of Indian media.

Let us place the facts in their context – It is the architect of modern India and first Prime Minister Jawahirlal Nehru, Who promised plebiscite not any Pakistan General, It is the Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India who rigged elections of Kashmir in 1987 not any Pakistani agency, it is the state of India who kept first Prime Minister of Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in jail for two decades not any Pakistani establishment.

Indian media needs to take the dose of history in its right context – Who suppressed the transition of Kashmiri from Guns to Stones, the first ever such transition in modern human history, well the answer is Indian government not any agency from Mars.

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Media should not act as a lynch mob but a medium of truth. Earlier it used to be high tourist arrivals and qualification of Kashmiris in administrative exams that used to be propaganda weapon against just struggle of Kashmir for Indian media but than those theories collapsed due to ground realities, as now even these kashmiris are questioning brutal conduct of state and Indian media. Now falling to new low Indian media is seen cooking cock and bull stories to confuse political dimension of the Kashmir issue.

Finally, when the next time Indian media has guts to equate Kashmir with Gilgit or Muzafarabad we need to tell them kindly show us the pellet victims, fake encounter victims, killed protesters, unmarked graves of these places as has been the case in Kashmir, well they won’t be able to show much beyond immature videos whose veracity is highly doubtful.

One of the renowned female anchor every night harps that it is the battle of extremes in Kashmir, it is equal to stabbing of media values by such careless reporting as simple logic is that people who are seeking their right to decide future and for this are being maimed, caged, killed, wounded, blinded so it is the state which resorts to extremes not people. When CRPF itself in High court admits that it has so far fired 1.6 million pellets (3765 Cartridges) as one cartridge contains 450 pellets, it is enough to conclude that it is war on people unparallel in history of democracies.

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Gandhi had time and again stated truth ,facts should dictate our discourse and reporting, but on contrary Indian media is resorting to drawing room analysis, fake propaganda which will not solve Kashmir issue but further escalate the tensions in ground zero.

“It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings,” quotes Gandhi in his autobiography My experiments with truth on page no 143 same applies to Indian journalists reporting on Kashmir pain and it’s issues.

Organizing media trials and slug-fests won’t kill the Kashmir dispute is the message from people of Kashmir that Indian media should learn.

Rameez Makhdoomi(The writer is a freelance journalist and can be reached at

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