Two Reasons that stop you from pursuing your dream

What makes the successful people different from others?

Sameem Shafi – motivational speaker

Everyone on the mother earth has a unique quality and nature has given everyone a different talent. Everyone has a passion in life. But why most of the people aren’t successful in life? Why most of the people don’t pursue their dream and as a result aren’t happy with their life and job.

I have found, two reasons that stop people from pursuing their dream and living their passion that consequently leads to dissatisfaction from their lives and jobs.

The first reason is that even before starting their passion, people think about the results, people think “what if I fail” before they start a particular task It is probably the human nature that makes them do that. But the winners think different. When the successful people start a task they think ‘What is my second plan, if I couldn’t reach the target”, that is difference between those who create history and those who think conventionally and do what other people around them do.

If a person makes this excuse only that “what if I fail” before starting something new or before pursuing their dream then he shouldn’t expect magic from life. Magic comes in lives of only those who are ready to take new challenges and pursue their dreams without caring what the results would be.

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If a scientist doesn’t do a research on the basis that “what if this experiment fails’, then we wouldn’t have been enjoying the wonders of science today. It took Thomas Edison, around 200 experiments to finally find a material suitable to develop a bulb and if you have this attitude that I don’t care about the results, then you would certainly live a better and happier life than the people living around you, but if you don’t want to think different and do things differently, then you would be like them and your life would be no better than theirs.

“Help yourself , think different and do differently to make best out of life”

The second reason that doesn’t let people live their passions and think different from others is that before starting a particular task, they think “What will the people say”

Now when a person is all set to pursue his dream and he doesn’t care about the results, society plays a role to stop him from thinking different .Whenever someone starts a new task, he thinks about the society, the people around him. The people would definitely talk against the person who wants to break the conventional thinking and do something different .A motivated person doesn’t care about the people and gossips they do about him. He only thinks about the task and how to complete them.

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As it is said by Dave Wills that “Be an encourager, the world has plenty of critics already” is enough to prove that the society is full of critics but one who doesn’t care about the people , always wins while as the person who only thinks about the people, actually never starts his journey of life .He remains there, where he is today and where he was yesterday .Let people talk about you , gossip about you ,you shouldn’t care about them ,just focus on your goal , do hard work and remain firm on it because you have an important work to do , unlike them who have nothing to do.

Sameem Shafi
Sameem Shafi

The writer is a horticulture student and motivational speaker