WhatsApp privacy update – Is WhatsApp safe to use?

How secure is your phone by sheikh asif
How secure is your phone by Sheikh Asif

On reading the privacy policy of WhatsApp and Facebook and we found some interesting facts.

How WhatsApp make money?
Are our messages secure?
Is WhatsApp going to check our bank balance?
The story begins in 2014 when Facebook. bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. This amount looks so huge for a free app !! Right?


In 2014, the user base of WhatsApp was 500 Million users and 1 million users were adding day by day.

Today WhatsApp has more than 2 million active user base and the app has more than 5 billion downloads.

In 2014, Facebook wasn’t just purchasing the whats technology but it purchased the WhatsApp growing user base.

But how does WhatsApp earn money today?

Today WhatsApp’s biggest strength is that both kids and seniors alike, everyone has learned how to use WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has become an important part of our lives.

One of WhatsApp’s products is WhatsApp business API where WhatsApp used by a business for customer interaction.

Today our bank send us bank balance through WhatsApp or when we book an air ticket or purchase anything online we detail on Whatsapp

Whatsapp charges money from the business to provide such services.

A few years ago, whats app has decided to show its user ads.

Whatsapp’s original founder Brian Acton was against showing advertisements.

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, then they were having the Plan of showing ads. This difference of opinion led Whatsapp Co-Founder Brain Action to quit the company and started a new chat app ” Signal” which was recommended by Elon Musk recently after that 75 lakh user joined Signal.

What has changed in Whatsapp in the new privacy policy?

Can Whatsapp and Facebook read your private messages?

The answer is NO !! Whatsapp messages are end-to-end encrypted. If this is the same, what has changed now?

When businesses use WhatsApp to reach out, they use third-party tools. If you are interacting with your bank through WhatsApp and that bank uses the third party tool to interact with you then your data will be shared with the third party business too.

Mark Zuckerberg announced in October 2020 that Facebook plans to integrate its products. Even today, both Facebook and WhatsApp collect data but they don’t integrate their complete data with the new update there will be more sharing.

Whatsapp will have access to your phone’s model, operation system, browser, IP address, phone number, and device identifier which is a little overdone for a chat app.

The problem is that after 8th Feb we need to choose, either we can stop using WhatsApp all together which is already a big part of our lives. Or we have to share our data with WhatsApp and Facebook.

If our data is being used to show personalized ads Then the problem comes when the data is hacked. Many big and reputed companies like Linkedin, Zomato, Adobe, etc have frequent data breaches. In a breach of sensitive data like passwords, financial info is stolen. At this moment we don’t have a strong data protection act in India, the work is ongoing but till the bill doesn’t get passed we are the one who has to remain careful

What we can do?

Firstly be careful about app permission you give

To read the OTP once, we give the app permission to read SMS’s and then we forget to cancel those permissions

So my suggestion is to close the permissions of every app which is not used by you e.g for whats app if you are not using the camera you can close the camera permission and like this, you can check all apps ad close the permissions you are not using.

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